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Addressing the physician shortage

To meet the healthcare requirements of this nation, the number of major care physicians should increase by 39 percent over the next 15 years. Already patients in many communities are having a hard time finding a primary care physician or even getting an appointment.

The hybrid concierge medicine assists physicians administer diminishing reimbursement and increasing costs by doing something other than squeezing more people into an already crowded schedule. Globally, it makes primary care professionally attractive again and entices future physicians now in school to consider practicing primary care medicine.

“Today’s reality is that it has become increasingly complicated to give patients the level of service and care that they want and require,” said Dr. Murray Taylor a family physician in Rancho Mirage, California. “Concierge medicine allows me to meet the individual requirements of patients. It raises my quality time with my patients.”

Of patients who choose the concierge choice model, more than 95 percent carry on with that model.

“We must restore the manageability and profitability to family practice and internal medicine so that today’s physicians can stay in practice; and bright, dedicated fresh graduates will go into this field in greater numbers,” said Lipton. “The combination concierge/traditional practice model makes this profession attractive again by rewarding excellence and strong patient relationships.”

In addition to New Jersey, Concierge Choice Physicians also operates in California, New York, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida.



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