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Amerinet and McKesson Sign Exclusive Multi-Product Agreement

McKesson, the world’s largest healthcare services, automation and information Technology Company, has signed an agreement with Amerinet Inc., a leading national healthcare purchasing organization, to be the single-source provider of central pharmacy robotic drug distribution systems to Amerinet members. The agreement also provides Amerinet members’ access to McKesson’s bar code based medication-packaging solutions.

As part of the three-year agreement, Amerinet’s 2,100 member hospitals will have the choice to purchase McKesson’s robot (ROBOT-Rx™) for the central pharmacy, which is widely recognized for its accuracy in the prevention of medication dispensing errors. Members can also purchase packaging technologies (including PACMED™ and Bulk Packagers) that provide unit-dose bar-coded medications to facilitate medication scanning at the point of care.

Dave Souerwine, president of McKesson’s automation solutions group said, “McKesson is honored to work with Amerinet as it seeks to achieve safer and more efficient medication management in its member hospitals. This agreement is also an important opportunity to demonstrate the value of McKesson’s integrated solutions in a market that represents approximately a quarter of the nation's hospitals.”

By speedily producing oral solid medications in bar-coded packages, PACMED and Bulk Packagers speed up medication-dispensing, administration, charging and inventory capabilities. ROBOT-Rx is the only proven robotic inpatient pharmacy system based on more than a decade of pharmacy automation expertise, and it operates productively in hundreds of hospital pharmacies all through the United States and Canada. These robots dispense half a billion bar-coded medication doses every year – virtually error-free. ROBOT-Rx provides the foundation for hospitals that want to scan medications at the bedside using bar-code verification, ensuring the “five rights” of medication safety - the right patient receives the right medication, at the right time, in the right dosage, and via the right route.



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