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Appeal of convenience

The new Kohl's clinic - bright, spacious, and calm - has four examination rooms and a larger treatment room.

It has a digital X-ray machine, lab and computer system designed by GE Healthcare for electronic health records. Physical therapy is down the hall. A pharmacy is next door.

In all, Kohl has spent $5 million to build the clinic and a new day care center.

A doctor, a nurse practitioner, a full-time physical therapist, three registered nurses, including one who specializes in disease management, a full-time X-ray technician and other support staff, staff the clinic.

Kohl's contracts with Whole Health Management, a company based in Cleveland that staffs on-site clinics for such companies as Harrah's Entertainment, Florida Power & Light Co. and Qualcomm.

The clinic is available to the roughly 3,400 employees in the corporate office and 300 employees in the company's distribution center as well as family members who are older than 2. The cost is $10 if covered by a company health plan and $30 if uninsured.

The clinic - open five days a week - took off from the start. "The first week, it was as busy as I ever was in private practice," said Krause, the clinic's physician.

Part of the appeal is the convenience.

"I was able to go to one place to get everything done," said Chris Seeber, Kohlís employee. A recent physical at the clinic lasted an hour and included Krause going over her medical history. "He's been able to just sit down and talk to me," she said.

Krause also went through the resources available at the clinic, mentioning that she could follow up with another member of the staff for information on staying healthy. He does that with each patient, encouraging them to think about their overall health, such as losing a few pounds or exercising more.

In private practice, he often raced from one task to another. "You were just trying to keep your head above the water," said Krause, who returned to his hometown from Louisville, Ky., where he was in a small practice.



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