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Blue Cross of California

Since 1937, Blue Cross of California has been catering to the health insurance needs of California residents. Blue Cross of California, in association with its branded affiliates, provides health care services to over 6.8 million members. The company offers a full continuum of product and coverage options, along with unparalleled choice and flexibility in meeting the health plan needs of customers. These options are regularly updated in order to enhance access to affordable, quality health care. Known for its excellent track record for innovation, Blue Cross of California concentrates on progressive products and services aimed at improving the health status of all Californians. Unique product offerings available in the individual, small group, large group, senior and Medi-Cal markets include a complete range of integrated medical and specialty products. In addition to its support of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Blue Cross of California is committed to lifting the quality of public debate on issues that influence health care insurance.

Blue Cross of California, beginning its operation in the wake of the depression, has succeeded in giving families in California plenty of options when it comes to keeping their near and dear ones healthy. In addition to its medical plans, Blue Cross of California also has a free program for members known as Kids in Charge of Kalories (KICK) that teaches families about healthy eating and the benefits of exercise. Its main objective is to reduce child obesity.

Blue Cross of California coverage plans vary in deductible and premium costs, leaving no one to struggle through the confusion. Its current family insurance plans are as follows. BC Life&Health Share Plans have five deductible levels, from $500-$5000. These plans vary in coverage, but include maternity, prescription benefits, comprehensive coverage, acupuncture, 30% co-insurance and a doctor co-pay. Under Rightplan PPO 40, three different prescription drug coverage plans are offered: comprehensive, generic and no coverage. Staples of the plan include a $40 physician's visit co-pay, and no deductible coverage. Maternity is not available. With the BC 3500 Deductible, there is a $3500 deductible, after which most medical care is covered. There is a $10/$30 co-pay for prescriptions after a separate $500 deductible, and maternity coverage is not included in this plan. No prescription or maternity coverage is available with Basic PPO 1000/2500. After meeting the deductible, doctor's visits revert to a co-pay. Basic and hospitalization coverage is guaranteed. Although PPO Saver does not have maternity coverage, it covers hospitalization and prescriptions, child and adult wellness and doctor's visits. There are two separate deductibles, one for hospital coverage, and the other for other covered expenses. Under Blue Cross HMO, you get three HMO options, offering customers the predictability and security that comes along with an organized plan.

Blue Cross of California also offers a consumer-driven option through its 3500 Deductible-HSA compatible plan, offering low premiums on top of zero cost after the deductible has been met. It offers low cost dental options also. Because of its excellent performance over the years, it has consistently received excellent ratings from the largest ratings companies.

Addresses of the company:
Blue Cross of California (Individual, Small Group & Medicare), 2000 Corporate Center Dr., Newbury Park, CA 91320; Blue Cross of California (Large Group), 21555 Oxnard St., Woodland Hills, CA 91365; and
Blue Cross of California, 1 Wellpoint Way, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362.





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