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Candidates Spar over Health Care

Democrat Steve Beshear accused Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher the recent past of not building health care a main worry in his management and alleged he would try as governor to give reasonable health care coverage for each and every one Kentuckians.

Fletcher called Beshear's accusations "laughable" and claimed his management has gotten a grasp on Medicaid expenditure and has in progress more than a few health-care programs to advantage Kentuckians by observance tight control on the state budget.

The two candidates for governor in the Nov. 6 general election discussed health care before about 225 people at a forum hosted by community health groups.

Beshear contended with the intention of Fletcher in the 2003 gubernatorial contest promised that he would make a state department on aging and independent living but waited pending this election year to set it up.

He also said the Fletcher management is at the back as a great deal as six months in reimbursing some health care providers for Medicaid services.

"These kinds of things demonstrate the lack of any real commitment in money and in attention to really move us forward in health care," Beshear said, noting that 550,000 Kentuckians -- including 81,000 children -- don't have health insurance. He said his goal of health coverage for all will be easier said than done but realistic.

Fletcher said he shaped the aging and independent living department as rapidly as the money for it was obtainable, and he in doubt that there are main delays in reimbursing health care providers.

Fletcher contended that Beshear's shove for casino betting in the state "will never provide the answer for health care." Beshear told the crowd, "The only gamble you'll take is if you elect this guy again."

Fletcher said his management was clever to lecture to an enormous Medicaid shortfall from the preceding management with no cutting eligibility rolls as more than a few additional states did.

Both candidates said they would think creation assisted source of revenue facilities eligible for Medicaid services for low-income people.

And they decided that people be supposed to have much flexibility in choosing long-term care.



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