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Beginning its operations in 1978 as a broker, insurance and reinsurance company for group life and health coverage, Celtic today devotes itself mainly to the individual health market. The company has more than $50 million of capital and surplus with no derivatives, equities, "junk" bonds or real estate in its investment portfolio. Adopting such an investment strategy, Celtic has emerged as financially secure and stable in the individual health insurance marketplace. It has a corporate and sales office in Chicago, IL, and a sales office in Charlotte, NC. Since 1986, Celtic has earned independent insurance analyst A.M. Best's "Excellent" rating (currently "A-"), which is an indication of the financial strength of the company. Celtic. The company provides insurance to 36 states, including Alaska. Keeping pace with the changing insurance scenario, Celtic has geared up to bring new ideas to the marketplace.

Celtic offers members a wide range of health insurance coverage options that include:

Celtic Basic: This is a basic HMO managed care plan that offers you high deductibles and low premiums. With this plan, you can choose physicians and other health care providers from an approved network without having to worry about referrals, and can also opt for non-network providers at a higher cost. Celtic Basic covers inpatient and outpatient hospital services, preventative care, and home health care among other services. When enrolling, you can choose from several deductible options. Coinsurance is 80/20 with $30 co-pays for office visits.

CeltiCare Select PPO: Under this plan, members are required to pay a $15 co-pay to any network health care provider. Members can choose from several deductible options at the time of enrollment, with a choice of 80/20 or 100% coinsurance. This is a top quality health insurance program.

CelticCare "Any Doc" PPO: With this plan, members pay a $35 co-pay for any office visit and can save money by using network member hospitals.

CeltiCare Managed Indemnity: This plan gives members the option of choosing any health care provider they wish, no matter whether it is a network member or not.

CelticSaver HSA PPO (Doctor and Hospital): With this high deductible, low premium policy members can pay their approved medical bills with pre-tax dollars accrued in a Health Savings Account. As any funds deposited in this account are tax-exempt, this policy may enable you to save some money on your income taxes. With CelticSaver HAS PPO (Doctor and Hospital), members can receive additional savings by using network healthcare providers.

Celtic Save HSA Managed Indemnity (No Network): Like CelticSaver HSA PPO, this plan also offers you a high deductible, low premium policy. With this plan, you will also be able to spend pre-tax dollars on approved medical expenses. However, this managed indemnity plan will give you the freedom to choose any health care provider.

You can also add on to your plan by choosing the CeltiCare Plus Option with its preventive care coverage, Healthy Lifestyle Program, and Rx Drug card. Celtic also offers a short term health insurance plan for up to 6 months of coverage. It is a quality plan in which you have to just choose the deductible level that best suits your budget, and the desired length of coverage, up to six months.




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