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The comity ended when the subject turned to health care, and Boasso used his time to challenge Jindal for voting in late July in opposition to the reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

President Bush vetoed the bill, which passed the House and Senate with broad bipartisan majorities, Wednesday. Four of Louisiana's Republican House members voted against the bill, while Jindal skipped the most latest vote on the matter so he could campaign.

Boasso said, "I challenge you to go back to Washington and get the full congressional support of all our Louisiana representatives and vote together to override President Bush's veto on this bill."

Jindal, who had already had his turn to speak on health care, appeared shaken by the broadside and quickly interrupted the moderator, insisting he should be given a chance to respond. As Jindal was trying to make his point, Boasso once more raised his voice.

"Bobby, you called me corrupt," Boasso said, referring to Jindal advertisements that have condemned his rivals as being "part of the old corrupt crowd."



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