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Daily Calorie Log

Calorie-Count offers editorial content written by professionals such as registered dieticians and medical doctors, says Ms. Langsdorf. In addition, it provides weight-loss tools: Users can generate an every day log on their profiles to track their caloric intake. There is a database with nutritional information on more than 70,000 different foods, which Calorie-Count says comprises data from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, restaurants and food manufacturers.

In addition, a tool lets users swap recipes and another section designed by a personal trainer, where users can design an exercise regimen according to their experience level.

Diet TV assesses a number of popular diets, ranging from Atkins to South Beach to the "Fat Smash Diet," and then aims to assist users locate one that suits their tastes and requirements. Users get a list of diets that may fit their profile based, for instance, on how often they wish to eat carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, or meat and dairy products. The site will put users on a 14-day meal plan according to the selected diet, providing recipes for each meal it recommends. It also has motivational videos that feature tips for dieters.

Chief Executive Ken Seiff says Diet TV does not have business ties with any of the diets that the site features, but it does acknowledge advertisements from some diets. The company says it offers an assessment of each diet conducted by a registered nutritionist, and provides reviews from people who have tried the diets.



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