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Dental Insurance

Most of us have faced dental problems at some stage of our lives, but not many of us are aware that there are a variety of ways to pay for a dentist and dental care. In addition to only traditional dental insurance, there are other choices as well that can save you money on your dental care. Let us have a look at four dental care and dental insurance options that can pay your dentist’s fees and dental care expenses.

Let us first consider traditional dental insurance. It is a common plan similar to a health insurance plan. Under traditional dental insurance plans, you are required to pay a weekly or monthly premium and receive benefits such as 80-100% of your dental costs covered. You can get such traditional plans through your employer or an insurance agent. Keep it in mind that your costs may go up if you get it through an agent. Also check out if some procedures and prior problems may have a waiting period or may not be covered.

A dental reimbursement plan is not really insurance but a sort of pact between you and your employer. Under such a plan, you first pay for your dental care and then take your receipt to your employer. Your employer will then reimburse you up to a specified limit . This is a great option for both an employee and his/her employer as none of them has to bother about paying monthly premiums to an insurance company or to worry about having limited choices in a dentist.

You can also join your fellow workers and ask the boss to set up a voluntary group dental insurance plan. With this kind of plan, you and your colleagues pay all the fees for the dental insurance; but as it is set-up through your employer, you can get a cheaper group rate and in all likelihood more benefits.

If you choose a dental discount plan, you may have to spend less for your dentist and dental care. Dental discount plans may not be called insurance, but they give you specific discounts on specific services. With such a plan, you have to pay an enrollment fee and a monthly fee to the dental discount plan provider but the fees are less than insurance fees. However, you can only visit those dentists in your area who are recognized by the dental insurance plan.

Before you choose a dental insurance plan, you should consider all the facts and find what will best suit your needs. Some of you might choose a dental discount plan as your employer does not offer any type of dental insurance and is not keen on negotiating a plan in the workplace. But for others, the option of dental insurance through their employer is the best since they have a family to insure and a history of dental problems. In some instances, you may also feel comfortable in paying for a dentist out of pocket thereby avoiding the hassles of paying premiums all the time for dental insurance. All said and done, whatever option you choose you will be able to save more money if you keep abreast with current dental check-ups to prevent any major damage that could prove costly in the future.



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