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'Don't make up things'

When the next question turned to ethics, Jindal went back to his health-care vote. Jindal said he voted not in favor of an earlier version of the health-care bill since it was flawed, and said he supports the most recent version of the bill that passed the House.

"Are you against wheelchairs for the elderly?" Jindal asked Boasso. "Are you against cutting the Medicaid trust fund for the elderly? If you want to run on your record, run on your record. But don't make up things about my record."

When it was Boasso's turn again, he challenged Jindal to back up the corruption charges that he has levied against Boasso, and chastised the congressional representative for congressional votes that he characterized as soft on ethics.

Boasso said, "What you're practicing in Washington and what you're preaching in Louisiana is not the same two things."

The next question was on film-industry incentives, but Jindal tried once again to turn the subject back to ethics until a debate organizer got up on stage and persevered that he stick to the question.

The angry tenor of the exchange left Campbell and Georges seemingly grasping for things to say, with Georges ultimately saying that he is the only candidate who has not been accused of ethical misdeeds, while Campbell reminded the audience that Jindal's campaign commercials have compared him to a clown.

Campbell said, "I don't think I'm that funny."



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