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Familiar turf

For Jindal, the forum represented an opportunity to show off his knowledge about north Louisiana, a part of the state whose support for Kathleen Blanco in the 2003 runoff is extensively viewed as a big reason Jindal lost the governor's race.

Jindal has paid abundant attention to the region in the years hence, seemingly determined to fare better the second time around. The second-term congressional representative said in his closing statement that he has visited northwest Louisiana 77 times ever since declaring his candidacy late last year. For Campbell, of nearby Elm Grove, the forum was a chance to remind the local audience of his accomplishments during a 27-year stint in the state Senate. Campbell, who hardly ever strays from his core message of replacing income taxes with a new oil and gas levy, frequently steered the conversation to money he brought back to the district and laws he passed in Baton Rouge.

Georges and Boasso, by contrast, seldom let their relative lack of experience in that part of the state show, such as when Boasso mistakenly referred to Baton Rouge in place of Shreveport and Georges referred to the proposed cyber command center as a "cyberspace" center.

The final debate is scheduled for Oct. 18, two days ahead of the primary, and will be shown on WWL-TV.



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