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Fewer slots than New York

To the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the number of residency positions available in Texas climbed to 7,260 slots during the 2005-06 school years, an enlargement of approximately 4 percent in two years. That is far fewer slots than other populous states; New York, for instance, had more than twice as many residents that year, partly because the state secured nongovernmental funding. Without enough positions for its graduates, Texas could lose physicians-in-training to other states.

Nationwide, the number of residency slots is increasing at a similar rate. About 115,100 positions were obtainable across the country during the 2005-06 school years, the ACGME reported.

There is fine reason to keep graduates in Texas for training, according to the Texas Medical Association, which stands for physicians and medical students.

The group reported that physicians who complete both medical school and residency here are almost three times more probable to stay in the state to practice.



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