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Group Health Cooperative

Established in 1947, Group Health is a nonprofit, consumer-governed company that provides both medical coverage and care. Its board of trustees comprising 11 members — all Cooperative members elected by other members — work in close proximity with management and medical staff to ensure that the organization's policies and direction put the needs of patients first. Group Health Cooperative, in conjunction with its subsidiary Group Health Options, Inc., operates in all or parts of 20 counties in Washington and two counties in North Idaho. The cooperative, based in Seattle, serves about 575,000 members spread across Washington and Idaho. Over 70 percent of cooperative members receive care in Group Health-owned medical facilities. Group Health has received a rating of A+ from Weiss Safety.

In Washington, Group Health Cooperative offers coordinated-care plans for both groups and individuals, a Medicare plan, and a plan for residents who are eligible for Healthy Options (Medicaid), Basic Health, and the State Children's Health Insurance Plan.

Group Health Permanente doctors and other clinicians provide care at Group Health-operated medical facilities. In service areas where Group Health does not have its own facilities, a network of over 6,000 community clinicians and hospitals meets the health care requirements of members.
Group Health Cooperative offers a number of individual and family plans that have many deductible choices. These include: 500 Deductible Plan, 1500 Deductible Plan (Catastrophic), 2500 Deductible Plan (Catastrophic), 5000 Deductible Plan (Catastrophic), The Welcome 500 Plan, The Welcome 1500 Plan (Catastrophic) and Health Pays Health Savings Accounts plans with deductible choices.

There are several plans that for the small, medium and large companies, and most of them offer low co-pays and choice of deductible, such as: Group Health, Welcome 200 or 500, 500/80%, 1000/80%, 0/80%, Health Pays Health Savings Account’s- 1250/2500, 1500/3000, 2500/5000, Options, Options Select, Options PPO, Dental, Alliant Select and Alliant Plus.
Group Health’s Medicare Advantage plans offer choice of doctor, glasses and eye exams, hearing and hearing aid allowance, home health care, a dental option, prescription drug benefits and fitness programs with health club membership.

Its Medicaid programs are offered for those with low-income. Under this program, known as Healthy Options, families, children and pregnant women receive a complete medical benefit package. The program, Basic Health, is also very affordable and state-sponsored.
Group Health also has coverage for State Employees (PEBB), as well as Federal Employees (FEHB). Coverage is available for both active and retired employees.

With Group Health, you get personal care from Group Health doctors and medical centers and can change doctors anytime. There are arrangements for alternative, children's, and women's care and you can have health advice with the Consulting Nurse Service. All the processes are simple with virtually no paperwork. You can also take the help of online services, including health tips and tools. Most importantly, you can choose from deductible plans to and competitively priced co-payments in order to save some money. By using MyGroupHealth you can refill prescriptions online, join discussion groups, and browse more than 5,000 health care topics. And when you receive care at a Group Health medical center, you can send secure e-mails to your health care team, receive test results, seek appointments, check your online medical record, self-refer to many Group Health specialists, and more.




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