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Health Insurers Court Young Adults

Health insurers are concerned about the people unlikely to be insured -- immature adults in their 20s and 30s -- with individual policies made to order to their pocketbooks and health concerns.

Health Alliance Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Aetna are in the middle of the Metro Detroit insurers that have launched or redesigned products in the past year to take into custody the young uninsured.

The plans show a discrepancy very much in cost, from bare-bones disastrous coverage with premiums of less than $50 to more widespread reporting that is able to cost hundreds of dollars a month. A number of this policy approach with perks geared in the direction of younger people, like low-priced gym memberships and teeth-whitening.

The cheapest policies over and over again draw closer with trade-offs, together with deductibles in the thousands of dollars and no coverage for a number of staples of health reporting, such as prescriptions and maternity care.

Mitchell Collin, 22, of Plymouth signed up for a HAP by yourself plan last fall. The insurer started offering individual coverage for the first time a year ago, and has sold 400 Solo plans so far this year.

A Western Michigan University student, Collin was sheltered by her father's HAP plan until he passed away. For $165 a month and a $500 deductible, she gets mostly the same coverage she had before. She pays no co-payments for office and emergency room visits, and has prescription coverage that requires her to pay $15 for generics and $30 for brand-name drugs.

Even though she is healthy and rarely goes to the doctor, Collin says having a health plan brings her peace of mind. "You never know what could happen, even within that week that you don't have health insurance," she said.

But Collin did give up one element of her former insurance: She has no maternity benefits under the Solo plan.

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