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Health Net of Arizona, Inc.

In health care insurance business for nearly 25 years, Health Net of Arizona is part of Health Net, Inc., one of the largest managed health care providers in the United States.

Health Net of Arizona has recently been ranked the number one HMO in Arizona in an annual poll conducted by the Arizona Business Magazine. "Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Businesses" is a yearly poll conducted by the magazine mostly through online votes. Anyone visiting the Arizona Business Magazine site can vote on more than 200 categories that range from restaurants to private schools and management consultants.

The company boasts of a substantial-sized network of health care providers available in several different states. Armed with the support of a $9 billion parent company, Health Net of Arizona combines the convenience of local service combined with the financial muscle of Health Net, Inc. The company has received B++ (very good) ratings from A.M. Best, an independent insurance analyst.

Health Net of Arizona offers and administers a full range of health care plans and specialty services. In the category of individual and family plans, the company offers many PPO and HMO plans with various deductible, co-pay and coinsurance options. One can also find high deductible plans that are compatible with Health Savings Accounts (HSA), as well as vision and dental plans. Individual plans offered by the company to members have a number of great qualities, including various designs and deductibles offered to members to enable them to control health insurance plan costs. The number of plans available offers trade offs, costs for benefits, so that a member is able to pick and choose what he/she needs and what he/she does not. Higher premiums are equivalent to lower costs in an emergency or for medical services.

For small and large businesses, Health Net of Arizona offers an exceptional amount of different options within each of their HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, vision and dental plans. With these plans, both employers and employees will be able to find exactly what they need within their budgets.
As far as Medicare plans are concerned, there are plans with or without prescription drug benefits, as well as plans with only prescription drug coverage. Some of these plans are: Health Net Preferred Plus (the Violet Plan), Health Net Senior Care Complete (the Ruby Plan) and Health Net Platinum (the Amber Plan), Health Net Essential (the Green Plan) and Health Net Orange 2-Tier and 3-Tier (the Orange Plan).

Most Health Net of Arizona plans are managed care plans. Some plans are Preferred Provider plans in which you get the maximum benefit by staying within the plan's provider network. These plans more often than not allow receipt of health care services outside their network of providers, but charge more for their use. Other plans may call for the selection of a Primary Care Physician (PCP), a personal doctor who directs all your medical care and treatment and his or her written referral is necessary to acquire before you can see a specialist.




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