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Health Partners

Founded almost half a century ago in 1957, HealthPartners is now the largest not-for-profit, consumer managed health care organization in the United States. The company was adjudged the best plan in Minnesota by U.S. News & World Report/ NCQA America's Best Health Plans 2005. HealthPartners is committed to quality health care and service and it serves more than 642,000 members in Minnesota. No matter whether it works directly with patients and members or not, it is the soul of the work that drives the company. The company focuses on team-based care and service because it believes that this is the best way to provide the best outcomes for patients and members. Always looking for perfect care and service, HealthPartners sees problems as something to take responsibility for and solve.

HealthPartners offers a number of attractive health plans for members. The company’s individual and family plans offer flexibility, such as the choice of eight different deductibles, and choice of provider within the extensive Individual Plan Open Access Network. These plans cover preventive care, in-patient and out-patient hospital care, urgent care, emergencies, when you travel, doctors visits and emergency dental care. These plans also offer the Empower HSA Plan, which has high deductibles, lower monthly premiums, tax savings and fitness programs.

A HealthPartners IndividualSM Plan may suit you fine in case you are not covered under a group health plan, are self-employed, are a recent college graduate no longer eligible under your parent's health plan or an early retiree in search of an alternative to COBRA.
With the company’s Empower SM HSA Plan, you can invest in yourself with tax-advantaged dollars. With the EmpowerSM high deductible health plan combined with a tax-exempt Health Savings Account (HSA), you can exercise more choice and control over how your health care dollars are spent, now and also in the future.

The group benefits provided by HealthPartners offer a number of different choices for the small business to the large company. There are consumer-directed plans, like: Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Flexible Spending Accounts, Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association trusts and a transportation/parking reimbursement program. One can also find dental plans, Open Access Plans (choose your provider in the network), Primary Clinic Plans (complete or supplemental coverage), Tiered Network Plans (choose level based on cost and quality of providers), National One plan (benefits for your employees around the nation) and more.
The company’s Medicare plans offer choices designed to fulfill your needs. There is the Freedom Plan (with choices of cost, coverage, drug and dental options), the Classic Plan (medical and drug coverage), Prescription Drug Coverage Plan (without medical coverage) and Dental Coverage Options.

HealthPartners offers you several dental plans. Under the Open AccessSM Dental Plan, you can see any dentist, any time. An extensive network provides members with access to 80% of all Twin Cities metro area dentists and 60% of all dentists statewide. DistinctionsSM Dental Plan is a tiered dental plan that gives you the liberty to choose the level of benefits you get depending on the provider you use for care. Benefit Level 1 offers the highest level of benefits when you use providers who offer the best combination of quality and total cost of care while Benefit Level 2 provides access to the largest PPO network in the region. There are also other plans like SelectSM Dental plan, Exceed® Dental Plan, Classic Dental Plan to choose from.




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