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Kaiser Permanente of California

It makes profound sense to divide the operations of Kaiser Permanente of California into two parts: Northern California and Southern California.

Let us consider the northern part at first.

Kaiser Permanente in the Northern California region provides integrated health care services to nearly 3.1 million members. About 4,400 physicians of The Permanente Medical Group provide services at 17 medical centers and a number of medical offices.
Kaiser Permanente had its beginnings in Northern California during the Second World War as a prepaid health care program, involved in taking care of workers at Kaiser-managed shipyards in Richmond, California. When the bloody war came to an end, the program was opened to the community responding to the call of workers and participating physicians who wanted to continue the prepaid group practice.
For its part, Kaiser Permanente of Northern California has the distinction of getting an "Excellent" rating from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Kaiser Permanente was founded in Southern California in 1943 to serve the workers of the Kaiser steel mill in Fontana. In 1945, program enrollment was thrown open to the public and in 1950, the program was expanded to the Los Angeles Harbor area. At present, the Southern California Region serves almost 3 million members. About 3,600 physicians of the Southern California Permanente Medical Group provide care at 11 medical centers and many medical offices supporting all specialties and most sub-specialties.

The largest centers of Kaiser Permanente in Southern California Region enjoy affiliation with research projects at Harvard University, the University of Southern California, and the National Institutes of Health. Innovative programs and special services, including its Rehabilitation Pavilion in Orange County and Radiation Oncology Center in Los Angeles, also distinguish medical centers belonging to Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente Southern California has earned an "Excellent" rating from the NCQA.

Kaiser Permanente’s both Northern and Southern California regions were the only health plans in California identified by the NCQA in its list of the best health care programs in the Pacific States.

Kaiser Permanente is the most respected (not-for-profit) Health Management Organization (HMO) in California. It is so because it has the capacity to offer its member dependable services at affordable prices. Kaiser Permanente believes in keeping members stay healthy rather than just treating them when they are ill. That is why it focuses more on preventive care and support services.

Kaiser Permanente of California allows each member to choose his or her own doctor from its extensive network. Once the choice is made, you and your doctor have to work together over time to make the best health choices.

Kaiser Permanente in California offers some simple, easy-to-understand health plans:

In the category of individual and family plans, it offers deductible plans that are likely to suit you best if you do not often need a doctor but wish to cover large health expenses. These plans are available in two ranges: $1,500 deductible - lowest rate and $250 deductible – moderate rate.

It also offers co-payment plans especially for families with small children or others who makes regular doctor’s visits. Kaiser Permanente also offers small business plans
for employers and senior advantage plans supplementing Medicare that provide more preventive care.


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