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Kaiser Permanente of Colorado

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado, comprising the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area and the Colorado Springs market, provides integrated health care and services to nearly 425,000 members in 16 medical offices. Kaiser Permanente in Denver/Boulder is based on a relationship between the Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and the Colorado Permanente Medical Group of physicians and specialists who share Kaiser’s vision of top quality care and services. In Colorado Springs, Kaiser Permanente caters to the needs of over 36,000 members in a network model. It has contract with more than 140 primary care physicians and 270 specialists spread over two networks. The company has also signed a contract with Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs to provide inpatient services. Kaiser Permanente of Colorado had the distinction of earning an "Excellent" overall rating by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). In addition, it was also rated in the Top 10 in the United States among health care providers.

Kaiser Permanente believes in keeping members stay healthy rather than just treating them when they are ill. That is why it focuses more on preventive care and support services. Being the largest and most respected nonprofit Health Management Organization (HMO) in the United States, it is in a position offer dependable services at affordable prices. Kaiser Permanente of California allows each member to choose his or her own doctor from its extensive network. Once the choice is made, you and your doctor have to work together over time to make the best health choices.

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado offers a number of health plans for its members, which include:

Individual and family plans: These are deductible plans, which are best if you do not often need a doctor but wish to cover large health expenses. These plans can be purchased in two ranges: $2,000 deductible - lowest rate, and $5,000 deductible.

Its Co-payment Plan will certainly come in handy for families with small children or others who make regular visits to doctors.

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado also offers HSA-Qualified Plans. These plans are especially for those people who would rather prefer to pay routine care themselves, and have large expenses covered: $2,000 deductible – 80% above deductible, and $2,000 deductible – 100% above deductible

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado has a number of small business plans that include HMO Plans, Custom Care HealthInvestor HSA – deductible plan with HAS, Out-of-area PPO plan – for those outside the Kaiser service area and Added Choice® POS plan – added freedom in choosing doctor.

Its Senior Advantage Plans significantly expand Medicare coverage with the addition of preventive care and other services.

Kaiser Permanente’s health and wellness programs help members find their unique path to healthy living. Through its complementary health programs, members get discounts and preferred rates on services and health products. One can also join its online healthy lifestyle programs to create customized action plans that help one meet his or her personal health goals. These personalized programs will help a member you lose weight, eat well, manage stress, and quit smoking for once and all. The company’s preventive care includes regular health exams and screenings, such as eye exams and mammograms, to help detect health problems before they become serious, and immunizations that help prevent diseases.


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