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Kaiser Permanente of Georgia

Based in Atlanta, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia looks after the health insurance needs of about 267,000 members in the metropolitan Atlanta area and it continues to grow. Buoyed by this expansion, Kaiser employees now enjoy fresh opportunities for career growth and more choices among practice environments. The new Brookwood at Peachtree Medical Center opened in 2003, which brought the number of medical offices to 12, plus two specialty centers. The new medical center provides care for nearly 12,000 members in a modern medical facility. Kaiser Permanente of Georgia has been given an "Excellent" rating by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the nation's leading reviewer of health plan quality for consumers and employers. The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, Inc., the physician's group that cares for Georgia Region members, won the American Medical Group Pre-eminence Award in 2002.
Kaiser Permanente is the largest and most respected non-profit Health Management Organization (HMO) in the United States, offering its member dependable service at an affordable price. Kaiser Permanente lays more emphasis on helping members stay healthy rather than just treating them when they are ill. That is why its main focus is on preventive care and support services. Kaiser allows each member to choose his or her own doctor from its extensive network.

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia offers a wide range of health plans, depending on your budget and which services are suitable for you. In a marked departure from many other insurance companies, Kaiser covers all preventive services at no extra charge.

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia’s individual and family plans are deductible plans, which will suit you best if you do not often need a doctor but wish to cover large health expenses. The company’s co-payment plans are handy for families with small children or others who makes regular doctor’s visits. The magnitude of co-payment will determine your monthly rate.

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia has a number of small business plans as well. Its HMO plans have no deductibles with predictable co-payments. The company’s Custom Care HealthInvestor HSA are deductible plans with tax-free Health Savings Account option (HSA). One can opt for Kaiser’s multi-choice plan if he or she wants additional freedom in choice of doctor. It has also an out-of-area PPO plan for those outside the Kaiser service area. You can offer these plans to employees living and working outside the metro-Atlanta area, either in another county or another state. Members have access to a network of over 450,000 participating providers (from the national PHCS network), or any licensed provider they choose. If you require coverage for satellite employees who live in another Kaiser Permanente Service Area, its Multisite Plan ensures that your satellite employees get all the services they are entitled to from Kaiser Permanente, no matter which of the Service Areas they are located in. It offers you standardized benefits plans, predetermined rates, and guaranteed issue in each Service Area.

Kaiser Permanente’s senior advantage plans considerably expand Medicare coverage by adding preventive care and many other services while reducing paperwork.


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