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Kentucky Health Insurance

Health insurance at present is mainly available in two categories: individual and group.
Individual insurance mainly looks after the needs of those who are self-employed, or are working in a company that has no provision for a health plan, or who maintain a family and seek individual insurance for family members. If one purchases an individual plan, he/she must pay a yearly premium, and also a deductible for each insured dependent, up to a base amount. If one buys a group policy, he/she must pay an annual premium, co-payments payable at each medical service, and a deductible payable before insurance starts paying his/her valid medical bills.

In Kentucky, insurers can deny you individual health insurance if you have a medical problem. There are a number of rules about the types of insurance plans which are available in Kentucky. For example, each one must be a standard health plan; the types offered can be indemnity, HMOs and PPOs; insurance companies may also have customized plans to offer. The insurer can apply a maximum exclusion period of one year if you have a pre-existing condition. If you have had continuous health coverage before the new policy, you can use it as credit toward the exclusion period. Kentucky also does not allow exclusion riders on pre-existing conditions. Your individual policy cannot be cancelled because of your illness, but the premiums can go up during renewal. Conversion policies are available for qualified persons.

In Kentucky, you cannot be denied group insurance due to a health problem if you qualify. A new job is likely to keep you waiting for health coverage, and an HMO may also have you wait in an ‘affiliation period.’ The insurer can review your medical records for a pre-existing condition for the prior six months only. In case you have a pre-existing condition, the new group insurance can exclude it from coverage for only the first one year under regular conditions. If you have had unbroken health coverage for more than 63 days, your prior insurance can be used as a credit for the exclusion period.

Small businesses with staff strength of two to 50 employees cannot be denied small group health insurance in Kentucky. It cannot be cancelled owing to the illness of members of the group, nor can you be charged higher premiums. Under choice of plans, all insurers must offer a standardized health plan, as well as other insured health plans.

Kentucky does not allow self-employed persons to buy group health insurance. You should contact the Kentucky Department of Insurance for rules governing your affiliation with a professional association for the purpose of group health insurance.

Kentucky Access insurance is available for people with expensive health problems provided they qualify. Several programs like Medicaid, Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program, Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program render financial help.

Selection of the right health insurance quotes is always tough. You should do some homework before you make your choice. It makes sense if you engage professional health insurance agents and brokers who are experts in this field.

The leading health insurance providers in Kentucky are Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky, Fairmont Specialty Group, Fortis, Humana and Security Life.



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