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Lohengrin Group Announces Bold New Product Line

Edward Clarke of Lohengrin Group announced that the company has formed a new strategic partnership with Global Medical Insurance, to present a product line exceptional in the south Louisiana area.

This partnership lets Lohengrin Group offer health insurance to foreign workers assisting in the rebuilding of Louisiana, foreign nationals living here in the state, and American citizens traveling abroad. Health insurance might be difficult to get hold of for any of these groups.

Clarke said, "This service is a great competitive advantage for us, and a great asset to employers, especially in the hospitality and construction industries, who have large numbers of foreign born workers. This will allow them to offer a useful and valuable employee benefit and we can show the employer and employee how it will be of benefit to them both." He went on to say, "the employee gets a benefit we all agree we need, and the employer will get increased employee loyalty."

The company has also invested greatly in the development of Spanish-language forms and Spanish-speaking staff to serve this market.

American citizens traveling abroad can also use this new line, assuring them of access to medical care, and even transportation home for treatment, if they become ill in a foreign country, through medical evacuation and repatriation benefits. Clarke said, "This can be absolutely invaluable for executives or missionaries in various parts of the world." The service can even be put in place for short-term trips overseas.

Lohengrin Group is a financial services company headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and with offices in New Orleans as well. The company has grown continually ever since it is founding in 1996, and continues to put in new products and services to keep its competitive advantage in the financial field.



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