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A leading independent non-profit provider of health plans, Medica is also the largest HMO and PPO in Minnesota. In business for more than 30 years, Medica now serves about 1.25 million members and represents more than 10,000 employers in Upper Midwest. Its regional network in Upper Midwest includes 96 percent of area physicians, hospitals/clinics and other health care providers. Medica health plans are available to 98 percent of Minnesotans as well as in an increasing number of adjoining counties in Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. Medica commercial and Medicaid HMO plans have earned the highest accreditation status, Excellent, from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).The company also provide best-in-class national network coverage to employers with employees outside its primary regional network.

Medica has consistently helped inspire health care reform, improvement and innovation including: freedom of choice, exceptional customer service, a quality-first, member-first focus, innovative patient choice tiered network options, easy access to care and wellness programs, and innovative preventive care programs that provide something for every member.

Medica's product portfolio includes the following fully insured products: Medica Choice, Medica Elect, Medica Premier, Medica SelectCare, and Medica Dental Choice. Here is a list of only a few popular Medica programs:

Medica Choice for employers includes open access networks and value-added services like health club discounts and disease management services. Medica Choice plans take care of emergency and global emergency care, preventative check-ups, and prescriptions. You do not need to fill out any claim forms. Members are free to choose their own hospital or doctor, with no need for referral for access to in-network care.

Medica Prime Solution is the company's most popular Medicare Supplement, which features both basic and enhanced plans. The basic one has a low monthly premium and co-pays, while the enhanced plan features a higher monthly premium with first dollar coverage. With all Medica Prime Solution Plans, there are no fees for visits to most network specialists. Potential members having pre-existing conditions will not be denied coverage and in addition to all Medicare benefits, the plan will cover visual exams, annual hearing exams and routine physicals. These plans also cover inpatient, outpatient, and preventative care.

Medica Direct HSA for Individuals is a plan that is both affordable and flexible and which offers a variety of coverage options, costs, and deductible amounts. The plan features open access networks, and the option to choose a high deductible, which cuts down premium costs. Costs saved are deposited into the member HSA account, and members have access to online account management tools for managing their accounts. Other highlights of the plan include a lifetime maximum per person, coverage for office visits for physicals, sickness and injury, x-ray and lab services, and emergency room care. The plan offers up to $25,000 per year for home health care, and also coverage for prenatal care and formulary prescription drugs.

One can have Medicare and senior coverage with Medicare, prescription, dental and discount plans. Retirement plans for those eligible is called Medica Group Medicare Solutions, with the most popular plan being Medica Group Prime Solution. The company also offers SelectCare PPO and PCP, and LaborCare PPO and PCP (self-referral plans and self-selection of primary care provider/clinic, fulfills union requirements).


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