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Middle-aged also targeted

New insurers are increasing individual plans these days, not only for young people but also for an additional fast rising section of the uninsured: adults in their 40s, 50s and early 60s who don't have workplace insurance, for the reason that of retirement or a layoff, and aren't up till now qualified for Medicare.

For example, HAP was the first Michigan insurer to commence an individual policy most recent year purposely for Michigan autoworkers attractive buyouts or early retirements that would ultimately misplace their employer-provided health coverage. Others, like Care Choices, followed.

Individual plan coverage and rates can show a discrepancy depending on the insured's age, gender, current health and where they live. Some insurers allow individuals to select among optional coverage areas; they can add or delete prescription and dental coverage, for example.

The premiums also can fluctuate depending on the amount of deductible, what the policyholder pays up front for health expenses before insurance kicks in. As with any insurance, higher deductibles most often mean lower monthly premiums.



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