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Montana Health Insurance

Nowadays health insurance is generally available in two broad categories individual and group. Individual insurance is mostly for those who are self-employed, or are employed by a company that has no health insurance to offer, or for those who keep a family and need individual insurance for family members. When one opts for an individual plan, he/she must pay an annual premium as well as a deductible for each insured dependent, up to a base amount. When one buys a group policy, he/she needs to pay an annual premium, co-payments payable at each medical service, and a deductible payable before insurance starts paying for his/her valid medical bills.

Montana allows health insurers to deny applications for individual coverage from those who have health problems. However, the Montana Comprehensive Health Program will help those who have been denied individual coverage and also includes HIPAA eligible individuals. In Montana, a low coverage standardized plan is offered to all residents, although insurance companies are free to offer plans with more benefits. Pre-existing conditions can be considered those within the last three years before individual health coverage. Insurance companies can impose exclusion periods not exceeding one year and they are allowed to attach elimination riders to the policy. There are no restrictions on premium costs due to health problems of the applicant.

According to regulations in Montana, you cannot be denied group insurance or charged more due to a health problem if you have necessary qualifications for having one. If you have any special problems within your family, you can get a chance for additional enrollment for group coverage. If you change job, new employers and HMOs can ask for a waiting period before offering group coverage. Montana allows for pregnancy disability if the insured group has one or more employees. Insurers can check for pre-existing conditions for the prior six months before joining group coverage, and they are allowed an exclusion period of one year for the condition. If you have had continuous coverage without any lapse of over 63 days, you are entitled to receive credit toward the exclusion period.

In Montana, small businesses with two to 50 employees cannot be denied small group health insurance, nor can their insurance be cancelled. However, you may have to cough up higher premiums within certain limits. If the group consists of more than 50 people, there are no limitations on premium costs. In Montana insurers have to offer two types of plans: standard (which have required benefits) and basic. Self-employed persons cannot buy group health insurance policies in Montana.

Montana has a plan for those who have been denied health insurance and for HIPAA eligible people. Medicaid is available to eligible Montana residents with low incomes, as is the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.

You should do a proper research before you begin the process of choosing the right health insurance quotes for you. However, it makes lot of sense to appoint professional health insurance agents and brokers who can be of great help in this regard with their experience and expertise.

Among the health insurance providers in Montana are Assurant Health (formerly Fortis),
Celtic and Security Life.



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