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More than 350 Seniors Take Part in "Medicare Advantage Summit"

On October 24, more than 350 Medicare Advantage enrollees from 17 AHIP member companies and 24 states participated in a "Medicare Advantage Summit" in Washington, D.C. to insist on Congress to protect the health care choices and advantages they receive through their health plans.

Participants in this event communicated their enthusiastic support for the Medicare Advantage program at a Capitol Hill rally and in more than 75 meetings with members of Congress and congressional staffers. These activities were organized by the Coalition for Medicare Choices, which is a national organization whose membership includes 400,000 Medicare beneficiaries and health plans that are working collectively to improve choices and advantages in the Medicare program.

While visiting congressional offices, the seniors focused on their individual experiences in receiving high quality health care services through the Medicare Advantage program. By emphasizing their personal circumstances and discussing the enhanced benefits, innovative services, and low out-of-pocket costs their plans provide, the beneficiaries raised awareness in Congress that the Medicare Advantage program is improving the health and well-being of millions of Medicare beneficiaries. They stressed that they value their Medicare Advantage plans and that they oppose any legislative proposals that would reduce funding for Medicare Advantage.

The day's activities integrated a Capitol Hill rally where several physicians and two members of Congress Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN) who highlighted their commitment to private sector choices in the Medicare program, joined the seniors.



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