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Security Life

A subsidiary of Security American Financial Enterprise (SAFE), Security Life Insurance Company of America has a long and successful history in the dental and vision marketplace. The company has just below a billion dollars in life insurance in force and 150 million dollars of gross premium income. In business for more than 40 years, the company has created a niche for itself especially in the dental market, administering their various plans through affiliates and third party partners. Vision package is a recent addition, but has met with considerable success along with its life insurance plans. Security Life’s dental benefits business involves nearly 50 million in-force dental premium. The company offers full-service solutions to the standard dental and vision insurance riders from other companies. The key to its success is a sound investment policy following which it only invests premium dollars into conservative, but profitable, high-grade bond, residential mortgages and cash equivalents.

Security Life offers a number of dental and vision plans for members. These dedicated plans are provided by Stars Dental, which services PrimeStar Personal Dental Plans and GemStar Group Dental and Vision Plans. Dental plans can be used by businesses and families; vision riders are economically scaled for the convenience of small businesses. Employers can choose between partial plan payment and voluntary policies that are paid in full by the employees. Plan benefits can be had as dental-only or dental-plus vision, and vision is a rider only. Small businesses employing 1-99 people can be members of the dental program.

Included in basic dental services are X-rays, tooth extraction, fillings, and a few oral surgeries. Also covered are preventive treatments like routine six month exams and cleaning. Important services include denture and bridge repairs, periodontal and endodontic work, and crown replacement.

There are three dental pricing levels called Secure, Select, and Premier. All expenses are reimbursed based on a Reasonable and Customary (R&C) scale, which takes into account competitors' rates by region. Rates usually go up for people above 65. Members can choose the licensed vision provider of their choice. Coinsurance levels automatically go up with each year of coverage. Rates are steady for the first year, but may go up in six month increments, following the initial signup period. Dental premiums depend on both age and region. Under the Competitor Smile dental plan, exclusions include orthodontics, loss or stolen appliances, full replacement of any repairable dental product, and home treatments for fluoride plaque prevention.

Businesses having 2-99 employees are eligible for vision care coverage. The package includes full coverage of an annual eye exam that does not cost more than $50, with no deductible. It provides complete coverage on contact lenses, glass lenses, and frames every two years. For contact lenses, the payout is $100, single lenses ($50) and frames ($50) for a total of $100, bifocal lenses ($50) and frames ($50) for a total of $100, trifocal lenses ($90) and frames ($50) for a total of $140, and lenticular lenses ($100) and frames ($50) for a total of $150. Most leading retailers are part of the vision network, along with approximately 32,000 independent eye specialists.

One can get dental and vision plans in all states except Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont.

The address of the company:
Security Life Insurance Company of America NAIC# 68721, 10901 Red Circle Drive, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343-9137, (952) 544-2121 … Toll-Free (800) 328-4667 … Fax (952) 945-3419.



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