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Sen. Grassley Seeks Review of the Effect of Private Equity Ownership on Nursing Home Care

Sen. Chuck Grassley has asked the Government Accountability Office to appraisal the consequence of private equity ownership on the class of care provided in the nation's nursing homes.

Grassley said he finished his demand based on analytical details in the New York Times in September that described advanced facts of serious health and safety deficiencies in nursing homes that had been in use in excess of by large private investment firms. Grassley also raised his concerns concerning these result in a statement he completed today in the United States Senate and put a copy of the New York Times editorial in The Congressional Record.

When he served as Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging in the late 1990s, Grassley led a movement to get better the superiority of care in nursing homes. He conducted hearings, tinted sovereign findings of the Government Accountability Office concerning inferior care, and encouraged the Clinton Administration to start on what became recognized as the Nursing Home Initiative. This proposal resulted in the federal agency in charge of supervision state-level nursing home inspections to issue regulations that were at that time ten years late and based on congressional reforms passed in 1987. The Health Care Financing Administration is today called the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In subsequent years, Grassley has been vigorous in his failure to notice of CMS' actions connected to nursing home quality of care.

Today, Grassley is the Ranking Member of the Committee on Finance, which has legislative and oversight responsibility for Medicaid and Medicare.



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