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Seniors Eligible for Free Drug Counseling: Individual Help for Managing Medications

N.C. seniors will be qualified for free counseling from pharmacists on their medications through a new program launched. It is called ChecKmeds NC.

The N.C. Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission, which allocated $2 million over the next two years for the service, sponsor the program.

It builds on the commission's community-based Medication Assistance Program. Pharmacists, who have contracted with the commission, will give medication therapy management and advice seniors on the most suitable and cost-effective use of their Medicare prescription drug plan.

All N.C. residents, age 65 years and above, who are enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan, are qualified for the free of charge service at participating pharmacies.

Even though medication therapy management is required under Medicare Part D legislation, prescription drug plans are not required to provide it in a face-to-face setting or to use pharmacists for the counseling. Most plans provide the service over the telephone using no pharmacists.

ChecKmeds NC will provide a one-on-one session among seniors and pharmacists during which they will assess all prescriptions, over-the-counter and herbal medicines, vitamins and supplements.



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