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Statement of Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement after President Bush vetoed the Children's Health Insurance Program legislation:

“Today the President had an opportunity to sign a bipartisan bill that will bring health care to 10 million children in families struggling to make ends meet. Instead, President Bush used his cruel veto pen to say, I forbid 10 million children from getting the health benefits they deserve.”

“Despite the President's veto, we will continue to work with a bipartisan majority in Congress and 43 governors from across the country to raise support for SCHIP in the House so we can override the veto and provide 10 million children the health coverage they require and are worthy of.”

“The President chose to block a bill with tough bipartisan consensus, which has so much potential for good to force Congress to mount a veto override effort. We stay committed to making SCHIP into law with or without the President's support.”



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