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In 1995 most WellPoint businesses offered outside of California adopted the brand name, UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company, then an operating affiliate of WellPoint. In the very next year, WellPoint took over the group health and life business of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. Later, in 1997, WellPoint acquired the group health and life business of John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. The acquiring spree continued till 2000, when WellPoint acquired Rush Prudential Health Plans, located in Illinois. Those businesses were finally joined with the existing UniCare businesses. UniCare is structured into Market Business Units (MBUs), each organized as a full service organization and serving specific customers. There are some MBUs that function on a multi-state basis to serve large employer group businesses. Others concentrate on regions. UniCare has got an ""A- ""(excellent) rating from A.M. Best, an independent insurance analyst. The company offers a comprehensive set of healthcare plans and products at competitive rates. It looks after the health care needs of over 13 million members, and approximately 42.6 million specialty members. UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company is part of Health Networks Inc., a publicly traded managed care company. For six consecutive years, UniCare’s parent company has been named America’s Most Admired Healthcare Company by FORTUNE magazine.

UniCare offers a wide variety of products at reasonable costs that make customers feel that they have control over their own health care decisions. Its specialty products include pharmacy, life, disability, and behavioral health benefits. The company also offers a complete range of managed health care plans. However, not all UniCare products are available in all states. We can now have a look at a few representative products of the company:

BasicChoice: These plans offer a line of inexpensive benefit plans. These BasicChoice plans are designed for service industry groups that may employ those who are occasionally referred to as the “working uninsured.” The plans cover most of the common healthcare benefits such as doctor visits, hospitalization, and prescription drugs. These plans have benefit maximums that range from $15,000 up to $100.000.

Health Improvement Plans (HIPs): These programs have been designed to help members with the self-management of serious health conditions such as asthma, congestive heart failure, and diabetes. Under these plans, members get educational materials and are assigned a health coach along with a related team of health professionals who help the member understand the disease and make difficult personal behavior changes.

HSA Plans: The company offers a broad range of Health Savings Account (HSA) plans at competitive rates. The plans vary depending on deductible amounts and percentage of coverage. There are some plans that pay 100 percent of covered expenses after the deductible is met, up to $5 million. Other plans pay 80 percent of covered expenses after the deductible is met, until a specified out-of-pocket amount is paid by the consumer. After that, 100 percent of covered expenses are paid up to $5 million.

UniCare’s managed care network comprises excellent doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals. The network allows UniCare members to benefit from negotiated discount rates while getting excellent care. Being tech-savvy, it has introduced, which offers employers an easy way to enroll employees or to maintain benefits files.



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