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Uninsured can now get $5 prescriptions, home delivery

With a call to the local 2-1-1 service, low-income families and individuals in Metro Detroit can now get brand-name medication for barely $5 per prescription for every month, with delivery to their homes, the organization offering the program announced.

World Medical Relief Inc., in partnership with the United Way for Southeastern Michigan's 2-1-1 service, is offering the Prescription Assistance Program. Medicaid cannot cover eligible participants having other prescription coverage, or earn more than $19,000 for individuals or $31,000 for couples.

Patients must call 2-1-1 in Southeastern Michigan to pre-qualify for the program.

They will receive their medications in a three-month supply at their homes, around 10 weeks from their application date. Medications come directly from the pharmaceutical companies, and include drugs such as Zocor, Lipitor and Singulair. The agency said that the program might save patients hundreds of dollars every month.

President and CEO of World Medical Relief Inc., Rita Grezlik said, "This revolutionary program helps those people who often fall through the cracks, many have jobs and don't qualify for Medicaid, yet they don't have insurance through work and cannot afford their prescriptions."

To quality for the program, people should complete an eight-question survey and a one-page enrollment application that is good for one year. Once registered, World Medical Relief staff stays in contact with every patient and manages the procedure for them, tracking refills and communicating with doctors to guarantee medication accuracy, according to a news release.

World Medical Relief Inc., established in 1953, is a not-for-profit charitable organization that accumulates and distributes medical and dental equipment, medical supplies and medicines.



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