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UnitedHealthcare is the largest business unit of its parent organization, UnitedHealth Group, Inc., a Fortune 100 company. UnitedHealthcare at present caters to the needs of over 18 million individual customers along with its sister concern, Uniprise Solutions.
These two provide high quality health care from over 433,000 physicians and about 3,600 hospitals spread across all 50 states and in four international markets. UnitedHealthcare offers quality health care coverage at reasonable prices for families and individuals under age 64 through Golden Rule Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare. It combines its strength and stability with almost three decades of experience serving customers of all sizes. The objective of the company is to make it easier to understand and navigate the complex health care system – while helping to control the effects of increasing health care costs.

UnitedHealthcare offers a wide range of plans for its customers. With one of its Co-pay Plans, you spend a copay to use Preferred Network doctors for office visits. After that, the company pays 100% of history and exam fees. Co-pay benefits cover preventive care office visits in the same way as they cover the other doctor office visits. In addition, most plans have Prescription drug card benefits. Inpatient and outpatient medical expenses are covered up to a $3 million lifetime maximum benefit per covered individual.

The company’s HSA Plans have two components: a lower cost, high deductible health insurance plan and a tax-favored savings account. You can put the money you save on premiums with your high deductible plan into your tax-favored savings account (HSA). You can then withdraw the money to help pay your deductible or other qualified health care expenses. After your deductible is met, the insurance plan begins to pay for covered expenses. The best part of these plans is that your unspent savings roll over year after year.

With its High Deductible Plans, meaning lower premiums, you get to keep more of your money by taking responsibility for covering minor or routine health care expenses - if they come up. It may suit you fine if you are keen to pay for routine health care expenses in exchange for lower premiums; if you want lower cost protection from unexpected accidents and illnesses; and if you are an early retiree and in need of a bridge to Medicare.

Businesses must have at least two employees to be eligible for group coverage. Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington allow group coverage if you have one eligible employee.

Partnering Spectera, UnitedHealthcare offers one of the most comprehensive prevention, examination, and prescription vision programs available in the market. Members enjoy premier vision benefits with access to 16,000 health care professionals nationwide, including private practice and retail chain professionals. Benefits fully cover contact lenses, eyeglass frames for over 60% of all frames on the market, access to discounted laser eye surgery procedures, and a state-of-the-art optical laboratory among others. Its dental plans provide flexible coverage at affordable prices. Employers get the advantages of simplified administration programs that keep costs low and quality high.



Click for a FREE Health Insurance Quotes


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