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Use card nationwide

More than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide, together with major retailers such as Walgreens (NYSE:WAG), Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) and CVS (NYSE:CVS), are participants. Johnson said that Montgomery County residents could make use of their card nationwide.

The hospital district provides emergency medical service in the county and health care assistance to the poor and to those who meet certain income and resource necessities.

The Harris County program will be administered by Envision also a pharmaceutical services company. Residents will be able to make use of the discount card at 33,000 pharmacies nationwide, McLeod said.

"Everybody is looking at ways to improve on the system," McLeod said. "This will bring some needed relief to many people, who don't meet the criteria for other assistance."

Nancy Harrington, president of The Friendship Center, a nonprofit agency that serves Montgomery County senior citizens, said the savings program would help many seniors who do not meet the requirements for Medicare and do not have jobs. She said some of the prescription plans for seniors cover up to a certain dollar amount over a designated period. The discount card will help to fill the gap, she said.



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