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Virtual Reality Games Help Burn Patients

A U. S. hospital is by means of essential actuality games to sidetrack burn patients while nurses attend to the patients' wounds, a study found.

As a substitute of customary distraction strategies, such as books and music, doctors and nurses at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, are using a tool that allows patients to flee into a computer-generated world complete with its own environment, creatures and sounds.

Patients wear a virtual realism helmet and they act together in the virtual environment with the help of child life specialists, trained to aid kids all the way through stressful medical treatments.

It has long been recognized that the actual treatment for a burn is far not as good as than the actual injury. Originally, the lesion has to be cleaned and the dressing applied, and that can be a very painful and lengthy procedure, Catherine Butz, a psychologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital, said in a statement.

Research shows a very strong connection between anxiety and pain -- distraction does a great job in decreasing any kind of anxiety that might be associated with the anticipated procedures, so by distracting patients and keeping anxiety at minimum, procedures tend to go much more smoothly and be much less painful for the child.



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