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Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is a relatively new word in the world of insurance that actually supplements regular health insurance. While regular health insurance plans protect you from financial losses in the event of a sudden eye injury or disease, vision insurance is in essence a wellness benefit aimed at providing routine, preventive eye care at a lower cost. You can either buy individual vision insurance for yourself or obtain group vision insurance through your company, association, school district, etc., or also through a government program such as Medicare or Medicaid. Given the rising costs of eye care and treatment, vision insurance is certainly a welcome idea.

Vision insurance is available typically in two forms: a vision benefits package or a discount vision plan. If you choose the former, you receive eye care services in exchange for an annual premium or membership fee, a yearly deductible, and a co-pay each time you access a service. The latter, i.e., discount vision plan, provides eye care at fixed discounted rates after you pay an annual premium or membership fee and a deductible.
Vision insurance usually covers basic services such as annual eye examinations including dilation, eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, and LASIK and PRK vision correction at discounted rates. And, services acquired from network providers are less expensive than that from out-of-network providers.

Vision insurance costs vary with the design of the program. With a vision benefits package, you are expected to pay: a monthly premium or membership fee between $0 and $12, a deductible between $0 and $35 and a co-pay between $10 and $15 for each network service. In the case of a vision discount plan, you are likely to pay a monthly premium or membership fee between $0 and $12, a deductible between $0 and $35 and a fixed discount price for each service you receive from a network provider.

Prominent vision insurance companies in the United States include AlwaysCare, Davis Vision, EyeMed, Spectera and Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Finding a suitable vision insurance provider has become much faster and easier thanks to online deals. If you go online, you can also examine in detail various quotes that assist you in deciding upon the vision insurance that will suit you best. Before choosing your plan, it is always better to check various available vision insurance options and not make a hurried decision. A careful evaluation can fetch you competitive price tags and, even desired benefits suitable for you. Get familiar with the terms and conditions of the insurer you are likely to have an agreement with to avoid any future confusion.

Most of the vision insurance providers enlist a selection of doctors and clinics where you can visit for eye-check ups, and other eye-related benefits. Once you purchase or enroll in a vision insurance plan, get a copy of your plan brochure or find out how to access it online. Then study it carefully to determine what your benefits include, what costs are involved, and who is on your network provider list. It is always a good idea if you procure this list before planning your eye care schedule.



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