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Weighing the benefits

Beery has been helping individuals and businesses discover health insurance for more than two decades. More than ever, she sees employees looking at insurance as a top requirement when they are searching for a job. Owners of smaller businesses are realizing its significance as a tool for recruiting and retaining employees.

Beery said, "That's just about as important to a lot of people as a paycheck. I run into a lot of people, especially women, who are working just to get health insurance for their families."

The one group Beery does not see working for the health insurance is seniors. Credit goes to improvements in Medicare and the new Part D drug plan, many seniors are now better off on Medicare than they are with a company plan.

Beery said "I have a lot of seniors that turn 65 and say they want to continue to work and want to know if they should stay on their group health plan or go to Medicare. It depends on their situation, but now, with [the] Medicare Part D plan, if they have a supplemental plan with it, they pretty much won't have a deductible."



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