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WellPoint Opens State-of-the-Art Specialty Pharmacy in Indianapolis

WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE: WLP), the nation's largest health benefits company, announced the opening of its new PrecisionRx Specialty Solutions (PRxSS) pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN. The facility, which handles the most difficult pharmaceuticals used by WellPoint's members, takes up more or less 126,000 square feet of space at the Indianapolis International Airport and consists of both a state-of-the-art automated facility for managing specialty pharmaceuticals and a national call center.

WellPoint has by now filled more than 400 new jobs at the site- consisting of operations and medical staff call center staff, intake staff, and nurses-and the company looks further to the number of new jobs to grow to 900 by the end of 2009.

Angela F. Braly, president and CEO of WellPoint, said, "Specialty medications allow people with very complex conditions to lead better lives. However, these medications are very expensive. Our goal is to create a technologically advanced specialty pharmacy staffed with certified pharmacy technicians, registered nurses, and clinical pharmacists, so we can better manage both the quality and the cost of care for our members."

Governor Mitch Daniels said, "Indiana is well on its way to becoming a life sciences capital. Our efforts to further develop this important sector of our economy are working thanks to industry leaders like WellPoint who continue to invest in Indiana and create jobs for hard-working Hoosiers."

Bart Peterson Indianapolis Mayor said, "It is exciting to see the transformation of the former United Airlines facility to a world-class specialty pharmacy that serves the medical needs of people all across the country. This further enhances our reputation as a leader in the health care industry."

PrecisionRx Specialty Solutions' unique business model designed to encourage collaboration between physicians, pharmacists and patients to, effectively manage a member's medication and condition. The medications handled by PrecisionRx are typically used for treating chronic diseases and repeatedly must be delivered through injection or infusion, requiring special handling including temperature-moderating containers. PrecisionRx handles over 1,000 drugs for fourteen diseases, including Hemophilia, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Hepatitis C, and Cancer.

Recie Bomar, vice president of Specialty Pharmacy at WellPoint said, "Today there are more innovative therapies to treat these very debilitating diseases. Our ability to meet the special needs of these members is a testament to the advanced technology we have implemented and the personal care coordination we are able to provide."

Members who register in WellPoint's specialty pharmacy programs benefit from more education about their conditions and better access to medication assistance programs, leading to better medical outcomes. This is accomplished by providing one-on-one service and support from personal care coordinators; ensuring members know pharmaceutical treatments (together with side effects and drug interactions) and coordination of patient-physician follow up visits.



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