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Availability of Insurance Driving Job Decisions

Kay Van Meter has had jobs she has liked and some she did not. Now she has the job she requires.

In January, Van Meter left her longtime job at the Main Street Bistro in Lima in search of an improved paycheck and, more significantly, advantages. After searching for new work in the restaurant business, she wound up managing the Wendy's on Elida Road in Lima. It was a tough decision but one made easier by the fast-food chain's benefits package.

Van Meter said, "The Bistro, which was one of the best jobs I've had, good hours and you couldn't work for nicer people. However, there were no benefits and no room for advancement. It is a family business. They're not looking to adopt me, and they have no sons to marry, so that's that."

Her husband has a good job and decent health benefits, but paying for them was taking a good portion of his paycheck. Now the family has complete medical, dental and vision coverage and even free of charge office visits for their two children.

Van Meter said, "I'm paying about $100 less a paycheck then we were and we're getting more. Sure, the hours are longer and I see less of my family, but our budget's a lot better than it was."

Increasingly, the availability of quality health insurance is driving decisions for those searching for work. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, the percentage of people with employment-based health insurance fell from 70 percent in 1987 to 59.5 percent in 2005. This is the lowest level of employment-based insurance coverage in more than a decade.

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