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90 Percent Senior Citizens Pleased With Medigap Policy

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90 Percent Senior Citizens Pleased With Medigap Policy

90 Percent Senior Citizens Pleased With Medigap Policy

In accordance to the latest survey conducted by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Medigap policyholders are overwhelmed with their policy and considering it as good investment.

Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) said that these policies offer significant protection from the Medicare's costly out-of-pocket expenses.

American Viewpoint, Inc. conducted a survey on behalf of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and AHIP. According to that survey, almost 87% of Medigap policyholders are overwhelmingly happy with their policy; while about 60% are very much happy. Moreover, over three-fourth of the total surveyed policyholders tell that the policies provide good or excellent value for their hard-earned dollars; while about 85% are likely to recommend Medigap policies to their friends or relatives.

Karen Ignagni, the CEO and president at AHIP said that almost 10 million senior American citizens depend on Medigap for security of their health. He also said that the seniors prefer the financial security, predictability and the peace of mind Medigap policies provide.

According to the survey conducted by American Viewpoint, Inc., the preferred features of Medigap are that it lets policyholders to visit the doctors of their preference as well as provides financial protections and peace of mind. It also makes their dealings with paperwork and medical bills easier.

Other important findings may include:

  • Medigap policyholders are not likely paying higher out-of-pocket costs and deductible to lessen the cost of premiums.
  • Most of the policyholders would be against Congressional action which would let them pay out-of-pocket costs as well as annual deductibles for coverage that are at present covered by their respective Medigap policies.
  • If the policyholders no more could pay for Medigap insurance policy, their primary concerns would be coping with Medicare or medical bills (22%0, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses (17%), loss of monetary protection as well as peace of mind (13%) and probability of high expenses by reason of illness (18%).
  • American Viewpoint, Inc. conducted a nationwide telephonic survey between 16th March and 22nd March, 2009. In total, 500 telephonic interviews were conducted with Medicare customers who have purchased Medigap policies of their own. The sample was taken from targeted Survey Sampling database of people of ages 65 and above and the surveyed persons were randomly chosen. The entire survey result is approximate as they are taken on the basis of a sample of individuals instead of the total population. The scope of mistake for N=500 is +4.5% at a 95% confidence level.

You can find more information on the above-mentioned survey at AHIP Statement, American Viewpoint Findings and Medigap Enrollee Survey.

An Overview on America's Medical Insurance Plans

AHIP or America's Health Insurance Plans is a national federation of almost 1,300 fellow companies offering medical insurance coverage to over 200 million Americans. America's Health Insurance Plans offers a cohesive voice for the entire community of medical insurance plans. The key policy target for their members is to extend access to affordable and high quality health insurance coverage to the Americans. AHIP has developed unique projected solutions for promoting comprehensive coverage; raise the standard as well as making healthcare services more reasonably priced. For further information, you can visit the official website at www.ahip.org.

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