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BCBS Celebrated National Walk Day in 50 States

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BCBS Celebrated National Walk Day in 50 States

BCBS Celebrated National Walk Day in 50 States

To let the workers move towards a healthy lifestyle, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies countrywide work together with the employers of different sizes. Referring to the high cost that avoidable medical conditions and inactive lifestyles have on country's healthcare bill, Blue Cross and Blue Shield is celebrating lunchtime walking propaganda across the country as a part of third yearly National Walk @ Lunch Day.

39 self-governing and community-oriented Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are organizing walks in all the American states as well as Puerto Rico and District of Columbia to involve more and more employers, community leaders and customers in healthy movements and promote the advantages of walking. Thousands of walkers from different companies, organizations as well as local and state governments are taking active part in this healthy movement.

Daily, fast walking is the easiest and the most secured way of workout. Daily walking helps controlling weight, keeping heart and lungs healthy as well as strengthening bones and taking the preliminary step towards a hale and healthy life. It also helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks, type 2 diabetes and developing muscle tone.

According to Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, for innumerable American physical exercise is the basic path towards a healthier lifestyle. He told that turning working lunch into walking lunches will be real beneficial for the people. And, in order to materialize this thought Blue Cross and Blue Shield group of companies appreciate all those individuals from Maine to Hawaii, who have participated in National Walk @ Lunch Day.

In the Washington, D.C., CareFirst BlueCross BlueShild along with Blue Cross and Blue Shied Association are putting together Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, Federal Occupational Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or (HHS) to co-host a National Walk @ Lunch Day for the federal government staffs. Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes and Acting Surgeon General Steven K. Galson were there to start the District of Columbia event.

Dr. K. Galson said that he is so happy to see number of people from throughout the country coming out and just walking. The science behind the event is clear. Getting involved in a modest aerobic workout for minimum two and half hours every week will let the adults obtain health advantages in long-term and reduce the risk of diseases and dying from different diseases. They feel proud for being a part of the significant event of getting more and more American involved into walking.

George Huntley, the CPA, chairman of the board at American Diabetes Association said that in our busy life often we forget to take care of our health, which is the most important thing to take care of. National Walk @ Lunch Day is an ideal event to initiate moving to keep the health fit and reduce the risk of maturing type 2 diabetes and severe complications related to it. During every fall American Diabetes Association organizes nationwide Step Out: Walk To Fight Diabetes among almost 160 communities. Mr. Huntley mentioned that to support Washington-based National Walk @ Lunch Day, American Diabetes Association is contributing educational equipments to the employees focused on link between weight and diabetes along with the significance of bodily activities.

Nationally, so many organizations, employers as well as local and state governments are either hosting or taking part in National Walk @ Lunch Day programs like the School District of Philadelphia or Regions Bank headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Carol Kenney, the director of employee health services for School District of Philadelphia said that the school district is dedicated to promote the health and wellness of their staffs as well as their students. He also said that they are excited for being a part of this nation-wide event, which is taking place throughout the nation, on same date and same time. National Walk @ Lunch Day encourages exercise habit among people, and their students and employees are hoping to the scope to incorporate into their days when building solidarity.

Some highlights of the nation wide National Walk @ Lunch Day are mentioned below:

  • Independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield was expecting almost 10,000 walkers from over 80 companies as well as school districts to take part in National Walk @ Lunch Day, both at numerous suburban campuses and a central event; in Philadelphia. The honorary mayor of Philadelphia issued an announcement at City Hall to initiate the walking program.
  • Mountain State Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Inc. got partnered with the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency and the West Virginia Office of Healthy Lifestyles to hold a program and a 30 minutes of walk attended by both the mayor of Charleston and the governor of West Virginia.
  • Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield invited 200 groups that participated in Blue & You Fitness Challenge for joining them at a program in Little Rock for a walking event to the Downtown River Market. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield band played at the event. Regional offices throughout Arkansas hosted the events.
  • Blue Cross of Idaho was hosting a program at all of their headquarters and the mayor of Meridian planned to attend the event.
  • Community Walks held in Charleston, in the courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and Columbia, Greenville. The Columbia walking event took place at South Carolina Statehouse and participated by quite a few legislators. The walking events of Greenville and Charleston took plans at the public parks.
  • Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield used National Walk @ Lunch Day to introduce WalkingWorks agenda with different employer groups. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield hosted their walking program in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Sioux Falls.
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield participated in National Walk @ Lunch Day programs. Associates from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield also participated in the events.

For in-depth information, you can visit www.bcbs.com/walkatlunch.


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