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BCBS Companies Emphasizes on Productive Private Marketing Approaches

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BCBS Companies Emphasizes on Productive Private Marketing Approaches

BCBS Companies Emphasizes on Productive Private Marketing Approaches

Integrated healthcare managing solutions, advanced chronic healthcare management plans and prevention and wellness plans are several successful and innovative strategies introduced by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield or BCBS companies, which are assisting to restructuring healthcare and provide better outcomes as well as minimize customers' and employers' expenses.

Since the policymakers are working on developing complete healthcare restructuring legislation, the CEOs from Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies located in Michigan, Kansas City and New Jersey shared instances of how BCBS health insurance plans are changing the delivery system in a way, which can not be duplicated by public sector. Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) told this at a media conference.

According to Mr. Serota, BCBS plans are at the front position of private area innovations, which are most important to enhancements in the nation's healthcare system and they are happy to work with the Congress as well as the administration to endorse complete healthcare restructuring this fiscal year. Insurer incentives for promoting the best possible care, dealing with employers to create customized advantage programs rather than a generalize approach and plans that empower the providers, employers along with the patients with devices that are the foremost for more enhanced results as well as savings are the instances of healthcare restructuring obtainable merely through private innovations.

He also said that the government-operated programs like Medicare; remain under huge political liabilities; so they are not able to execute these major developments.

For instance, in New Jersey, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey operates a patient-centered medical home pilot program to improve the standard of healthcare as well as minimize the healthcare expenses for almost 1,300 enrollees by about 12% from January 2008 to January 2009. The program has further extended and included another 6000 enrollees.

At the patient-centered medical home, a patient's personal doctor administers a group of healthcare givers in the complete preparation and treatment procedure of the said patient. And, it has been proved successful especially to improve the numeral of the patients with high blood sugar and undergoing critical tests. Before commencement of this program in 2007, merely 33% of the total diabetics had received an LDL blood test that evaluates the cholesterol level; while by the subsequent year the figure increased by almost 55%.

Bill Marino, the CEO and president said that ensuring that the patients with diabetes received needful decreases expenses, but more significantly keeps the patients healthy and develops their results. Having personal doctors accountable for organizing proper and evidence-oriented healthcare at practice level and getting the patients involved in the treatment arrangement is specifically beneficial for the patients with enduring illnesses.

BCBS of Kansas City works with over 200 large employer groups that represent almost 120,000 individual workers in their “A Healthier You”, which is a revolutionary health and wellness program. The program encourages taking healthier lifestyle decisions to reduce healthcare expenditures as well as raise productivity of the employees.

Emergency room visits and their expenses are much lower for the companies taking part in A Healthy You program in comparison to the companies not participating in the program. On the whole, wellness achievements of the participants are higher, cholesterol and blood pressure levels are lower, and in general, the healthcare expenses have grown up at much slower pace - only 10% - for the companies participating in the programs; while the costs grown by 17% by the companies not taking part in the program.

The CEO and president of BCBS of Kansas City, Mr. Tom Bowser said that the figures are astonishing. Countrywide about 70% of all medical expenses are the direct outcome of the lifestyle options they have chosen. He added that the obesity rate among the adults has increased by two times in the previous 25 years to over 30% of the entire adult population; while the obesity in children increased by 3 times in the previous 40 years.

He added that the future of medical cost repression lies in disease control and increased responsibility of the members for their lifestyle behaviors.

"BlueHealthConnection" (BHC), the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) provides its members a full collection of healthcare and wellness management services like a E-Health portico and 24/7 nurse call line that features sources included of self-fare guides and web-based health evaluation tools that permits for integrated and positive approach to complete wellness of a person. The program connects its members with entire range of healthcare requirements; from low risk / wellness to present chronic health conditions as well as calamitous conditions. In combination with claims understanding, BCBS of Michigan is capable of using Wellness/Care Management program to successfully model risk and intervene, reversing the risk-flow from low to high. With no intervention, medical expenses every year for high-risk people are almost 44% more than that of low-risk people.

Since inception in 2002, "BlueHealthConnection" has shown general reserves of 30 million USD in annual benefit cost reserves every year.

Over 1,000 doctors has been chosen to be part of BCBSM Patient-oriented Medical Home program or (PCMH), which is the greatest initiative in U.S.; almost 300 prime care practices situated in 40 counties in Michigan.

Daniel J. Loepp, the CEO and president at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) said that their health and wellness programs provide real outcomes and real value - "BlueHealthConnection" has shown savings of more than 30 million USD in the annual benefit cost reserves every year since its launching in 2002. Most of the fellow members have informed that this program has developed interactions with their healthcare providers, which results in events that have considerably improved their wellness and health.

At the conference, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association launched the 2009 Annual Healthcare Trends in America: A Reference Guide from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The key findings of the report comprise total U.S. medical expenses is speedily impending 2.4 trillion USD every year; almost 8000 USD annually for each woman, man and child in U.S.

The seventh yearly edition of the report, previously named as Medical Cost Reference Guide, is a priceless guide, which scrutinizes the medical cost-drivers as well as prime financial drifts disturbing the healthcare standard and affordability in the country. The guide comprises information on national and international expenses, medical insurance coverage and uninsured customers' medical expenses along with prescription medication costs and enduring illness. The guide is available at http://www.bcbs.com/healthcaretrendsreport.

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