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BCBS Federal Employee Program for Health Improvement

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BCBS Federal Employee Program for Health Improvement

BCBS Federal Employee Program for Health Improvement

Enormous federal employees are enhancing their heath and well-being by taking part in two newly launched programs by Federal Employee Program (FEP), or Blue Cross and Blue Shield Government-wide Service Benefit Plan.

Early of this year, FEP launched two program tools; the Blue Health Assessment tool and WalkingWorks to help its members to improve and keep an eye on their health condition. As of now, over 5,000 members have already enrolled for online Blue Health Assessment tool; while over 35,000 federal workers and retired employees from all over country have initiated a walking program as a part of WalkingWorks.

Online walking logs and free pedometers are part of WalkingWorks. WalkingWorks has stimulated a walking rebellion for the efforts of FEP members to take care of and enhance their health status.

Pat Whitely, an FEP member who is an employee of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiated a “Walking Club” along with her colleagues. Most of the days, they walk for half an hour; during their lunch break. According to her, she tracks her miles making use of her WalkingWorks pedometer and online tracking tool and she has lessened the time by 10 minutes to walk a mile. She finds its motivating to see the distance to add up. She has made new friends along with her colleagues. She returns back to her seat refreshed and with energy to finish rest of the workday.

According to Jena Estes, the vice-president of Federal Employee Program, members' health is their main concern. They are happy to see the people to accept and utilize these tools to move towards a healthier and better lifestyle. They expect more and more achievement facts such as Pat's; since WalkingWorks is gladly accepted by most of the members.

The custom-made online Blue Health Assessment tool lets the members design tailored health plans to reach their personal health targets. This customized program gives continuing support to let the members create a baseline of their individual health status, keep a track of and supervise their health improvement; and get work out and stretching video demonstrations. It also helps them to get easily demonstrated imagery pod casts and health-related news.

Both the aforesaid programs are available to the members at completely free of cost. These are available on the FEP's official website at: http://www.fepblue.org/myblue/index.html.

FEP or The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Government-wide Service Benefit Plan has been a part of Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; since 1960. FEP provides coverage to almost 4.8 million federal workers, retired individuals along with their family units that obtain the advantages by means of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program. BCBSA works together with the Office of Personnel Management on behalf of 39 self-governing Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies; to govern the Service Benefit Plan. For in-depth information on Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program or FEP, you can log on to www.fepblue.org.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is a nationwide association of 39 self-governing, community-oriented, locally run Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, which altogether offer healthcare benefits to about 102 million people; almost one-third of the total population of America. For additional information on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and its fellow companies, you can visit www.BCBS.com.


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