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BCBSA Supports Healthcare Reform

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BCBSA Supports Healthcare Reform

BCBSA Supports Healthcare Reform

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association or BCBSA supports healthcare reform. Scott P. Serota, the CEO and president of BCBSA said, regarding U.S. President Obama's speech to joint session of the Congress that the BCBSA has long been supporting many of healthcare reforms that are mentioned by the President. BCBSA brought proposals to broaden access to all Americans, many months ago. They also proposed to provide healthcare coverage to all; irrespective of the pre-existing health conditions, and the premiums should not be based on the customer's gender or health status. BCBSA agrees with President Obama that personal responsibility requisites to get and continue healthcare coverage is much critical so that such insurance overhauls result in reasonable coverage.

Serota added that they are agreed that reining in expenses should be a key component for complete health reform, and they are happy to see President Obama progressing on malpractice in medical reforms and that would help him tackling rising healthcare costs. BCBSA supports healthcare reform.

However, they are not satisfied that at the time while there are so many consensuses on many of the overhauls being talked about, insurance providers - rather than overhauls themselves - are the main point of the debate.

Although, BCBSA supports healthcare reform but still they are firmly opposing the creation of new government health plan, which may cause hundreds of thousands of Americans to lose their private healthcare coverage that they are enjoying now. In reality, the integrated benefits of a government-operated plan - underpaying insurers as well as numerous exceptions from the health plan rules and regulations along with federal and state tax assessments - may result in thousands of individuals to lose their present private healthcare coverage.

He also added that they are joined together in their concerns by different group of physicians, hospitals, consumers and employers. Thousands of local businesses, chambers of commerce and nationalized associations have sent letter to the Congress affirming their strong conflict to a government-operated plan. The letter affirms:

  • Due to the increased expenses and shortage of competition created by government-run plan, the employers won't be able to maintain providing their existing plans that offer coverage to over 170 millions of Americans.

BCBSA is seriously committed to a complete and bipartisan health reform in the present year. And, it is a once-in-a-generation chance that they don't want to let go.

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