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Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California

Blue shield of California is one of the leading health carriers of the state. You can get a wide range of plans on offer when you go for this company. This section provides information on the various plans offered by Blue shield of California. These plans are just right for you if you are

  • self employed
  • dissatisfied with the group plan that is currently being offered by your employer
  • looking for additional protection from an unexpected illness or injury
  • looking for a health savings account eligible health plan
  • looking for Medicare coverage

If you are looking for health coverage, try out the HMO and PPO plans being offered. You can even add dental and life insurance to your plans. There are six high deductible plans on offer. These are called shield spectrum PPO savings plans and they are HSA eligible.

The plans are designed to provide you coverage against unforeseen costs incurred in medical treatment as well as preventive care. People who visit doctors occasionally often prefer this kind of plan.

Features of the plan:

  • These are high deductible plans that are designed to provide you facilities for HSA tax savings. You get a choice of providers and you pay less in out of pocket costs when you go to any of the 45000 preferred providers. You also get preventive care benefits even when your deductibles are incomplete if you go to a preferred provider.
  • You get prescription drugs at predetermined rates when you are buying from network pharmacies.
  • All covered members will get benefits once the family deductible has been met. The deductible may be met by a single member or a combination of members.
  • You also get maternity and well baby care benefits without a waiting period under certain conditions.

Blue shield also offers health plans for employers. There are plans available for small groups between 2-50 employees, for midsized groups with 51-299 employees and also plans for large companies employing 300 or more employees.

The healthy families program offers dental, vision and health care coverage. Blue shield only provides this program to members who select the plan. Dental or vision care is not provided. The coverage includes preventive covers and prescription coverage.


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