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Generic Drugs Sometimes Good for Health and Pocket

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Generic Drugs Sometimes Good for Health and Pocket

Generic Drugs Sometimes Good for Health and Pocket

The usage of generic medications among the Blue Plan customers raised by 8% from 2007 to 2008 and that proves the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan programs' success. Community-oriented programs operated by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies and the employers are assisting to extend usage of effectual, safe and inexpensive generic prescription medicines, as revealed by a survey conducted by the BCBSA or Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

The survey also revealed that the use of generic medicines by the BCBSA customers rose from 60% to 65% between 2007 and 2008. A study of prescription drugs use by almost 51 million members in 32 BCBS companies showed that the extended use of such drugs made as a minimum of 2.5 million USD in savings. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association thinks that the remarkable increase of generic drugs usage among the Blue Plan subscribers stems from a range of issues comprising provider incentives, benefit design, and augmented education and promotion.

The key findings were disclosed during a media conference with the representatives from Birds Eye Foods, Inc., Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, and Consumers Union in order to focus on how the usage of generic medicines can act as a influential tool to minimize the medical expenses and improve the standard by making sure superior adherence to prescription medicine schedules; especially for the people with chronic illness.

According to John Frick, R.Ph., the director for pharmacy initiatives at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, generic drugs options to expensive branded drugs facilitate increasing adherence to prescription drug therapies and get better healthcare as well as offering value to more and more thrifty customers and businesses. Promoting the acceptance of generic medicines through partnerships with the creative outreach plans and employers is one of the ways that the BCBS companies are assisting their members to stay healthy as well as save lots of dollars.

BCBS companies are nationally associating with the employers and utilizing newsletters, telephone calls, webinars, paycheck stuffers, email messages, media campaigns, employer toolkits and other sorts of creative methods to deliver the message to the customers about the benefits of high-value and high-standard generic medicines. Recently, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association supported enacted legislation to extend the usage of electronic prescribing in Medicare which also possibly helps extending generic drug usage by offering patients and doctors with comprehensive formulary info comprising generic alternative options immediately, during the time of prescribing.

Experience of the Upstate New York

Use of generic medicines in upstate NY has increased by 14.5% and put aside over 725 million USD since Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield introduced their initial advertising campaign and generic medicine savings report in 2005. Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield utilized an arrangement of strategies for educating the employers as well as the patents and the providers on the effectuality, safety and cost-saving advantages of generic drugs including online tools, TV commercials and dealing with employers like Birds Eye Foods, Inc.

Joel Owerbach, Pharm.D., the chief pharmacy officer and vice president at Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield said that through their “Generics are Real” community movement they have made incredible success and to reach the target of helping customers, taxpayers and employers to save dollars. He added that the customers are disbursing little payments at employers and the pharmacies. The taxpayers and employees now understand savings by means of a delay in increase of prescription medicine costs.

Birds Eye Foods along with their 1,700 workers and their family units banked almost $250,000 in the year 2008 thanks partially to Food Company's association with Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield for encouraging generic medicine usage.

According to Diane Mohorter, the senior manager of benefits for Birds Eye Foods, their association with Excellus BCBS assists workers to stay healthy as well as lessens Birds Eye Foods' advantages costs that also help them to maintain lower prices for their staffs.

Birds Eye Foods' rate of generic fill met 69% in the year 2008, which is an increase of almost 15% from 2004 partly because of the associative efforts with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in the Generics are Real movement. The movement provided a range of devices including generic medicine reference guides, web resources and email messages, for the Birds Eye Foods workers.

Mr. Gail Shearer, the director for health policy analysis for Consumers Union said that the study conducted by his company reveal that the customers are purring their well-being in risk by skipping their medicines, holding up or not receiving their prescriptions due to high costs and critical financial condition. Generic medicines are good safe and healthy alternative that offer all the benefits of branded drugs at much lower costs.

Encouraging a spirited pharmaceutical industry by eliminating all the obstacles to effectual safe and reasonably priced generic prescription medicines is the main component in Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association's complete healthcare restructuring application, “The Pathway to Covering America”. You can visit to get the details of the five-point policy for improving access and healthcare standard.

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