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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado

As health costs and requirements are undergoing dramatic change all over the United States, residents are finding it increasingly difficult to be abreast with the modifications. At such a time Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield seems to be a boon in the American health insurance industry. Accessible in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kentucky and many more, this organization has revolutionized the entire concept of health insurance. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is characterized by the wide range of plans it offers to individuals, families and employee groups.

Individuals and families can choose plans from amongst the Blue Preferred PPO 1000/2000, Right Plan PPO 40 and Tonik health plan. Additionally, they may also opt for a consumer driven health plan from the many on offer. Blue Preferred PPO 1000/2000 brings to members qualitatively superior advantages at affordable rates. The best thing about this plan is that members are not required to take referrals in order to consult experts from outside the network. Benefits under this plan include inpatient and outpatient services, preventive care, prescription drug benefits and vision benefits amongst several others. The Right Plan PPO 40 offers a range of plans for which individuals and families do not pay deductibles. The No Rx, Generic Rx and Comprehensive Rx are the three options under this category. Benefits included within the plans are inpatient and outpatient care, office visits, blood transfusions and many more. Members with the Right Plan PPO 40 have to pay only $40 every time they make an office visit. Individuals and families may also choose to opt for the Lumenos HSA, HIA or HIA Plus plans.

Group plans are divided on the basis of employee strength- if on one hand there are plans for groups containing 1 to 50 employees there are others made to suit the requirements of groups with over 51 employees. The Employee Elect range of plans is suits groups of 1 to 50 perfectly and contains PPO’s, HMO’s and consumer driven health plans. It is absolutely upto the employer whether he wants to offer a combination of all three types or single out one of them. Smaller groups could also opt for the Blue Advantage HMO plan. It is an open access HMO plan where members do not need to take referrals. Benefits under this plan include preventive care, home health care and chiropractic services amongst many others.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield also has plans for federal employees. Person working with the Federal Government could choose from the Standard Option plan and the Basic Option Plan. These plans provide access to an extensive network of hospitals, medical centers and physicians and are priced low. The common highlight of these plans is child wellness.

Persons over the age of 65 are Medicare eligible and can choose from Anthem’s Medicare range of plans. This includes advantage plans, supplement plans and Medicare Part D plans.


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