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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Maine is the result of a legacy and an effort initiated in 1929 when brand Blue Cross was in the early stages of shaping up. Fifteen years later, in 1944, the Blue Shield brand was already in the making with employers offering insurance to their employees in the mining and lumbering community. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Maine, today, stands as one of the upholders of the objectives formulated initially by the ‘Blue’ brands. Over the decades they have functioned, Anthem Maine’s primary focus has been on residents going without insurance. This explains the company’s decision to offer the best health care at the most competitive rates. It has plans for individuals, families and employee groups.

Individuals and families can choose from amongst the Health Choice range of PPO plans and Lumenos plans. Health Choice PPO has three plan options namely, Health Choice, Health Choice Standard and Health Choice Basic. While Health Choice pays almost.

100% of covered expenses, Health Choice Standard and Health Choice Basic pay 80% and 60% of incurred eligible medical expenses. The Lumenos category of plans comprises a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, a Health Incentive Account (HIA) plan and a Health Incentive Account Plus (HIA Plus) plan. The HSA plan allows members to pay more easily for eligible medical expenses and decrease out- of- pocket expenditures at the same time. The HIA and HIA Plus plans offer rewards for every step you take to keep your health in better shape. As the account goes on collecting the cash rewards, you can use them to pay for your medical expenses. Additionally, individuals and families can also opt for Lumenos consumer driven health plans.

People over 65 are eligible for Medicare and hence should opt for plans from the Advantage category or the Supplement category. The Medicare Part D plan is also available for individuals of this age group. Anthem Smart Saver Medical Savings Account (MSA), Anthem Medicare Preferred Local Preferred Provider Organization (LPPO) and Anthem Health Maintenance Organization, amongst several others, fall under the Advantage category of plans.

Employee groups can avail plans like HMO Maine, HMO Choice, Blue Choice PPO and Comp Care apart from various others. HMO Maine like all HMO plans requires members to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to make consultations with specialists. In case a member has a condition that no expert within the provided network can manage, the PCP refers him to an out- of- network specialist. Coverage is offered even when the member is traveling outside the state. HMO Choice offers a steady flow of benefits while giving members the free power to choose their preferred physicians within the provided network. Blue Choice PPO offers benefits like child well care, preventive care and emergency services and makes sure members are in complete control. Comp Care goes a step forward by offering treatment for mental health and substance abuse along with a string of other benefits.


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