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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nevada

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nevada

Living in the state of Nevada? Not insured? Well, then the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands have the answer for you. Get products and services tailor- made according to your requirements through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nevada. The organization is the only health insurance company in the state that’s allowed to make offerings under the Blue Cross Blue Shield name. As an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), Anthem Nevada has made considerable contribution in health care in the state over the decades. The largest health care coverage company in Nevada, Anthem has the objective of providing low cost health insurance to as many people as possible.

Whether you’re thinking of opting for an individual plan, a family plan or planning to offer insurance to employees, you’ll find it all at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nevada. Individuals and families have access to plans like Right Plan PPO 40, Blue Preferred 1000/2000 and a range of Lumenos consumer driven health plans. Young, healthy individuals have low cost plan options in the form of Tonik health plans. Right Plan PPO 40 is a perfect plan for any individual or family considering one gets to access about 4000 providers. Besides this, benefits are all encompassing inclusive of office visits, lab tests, x- rays and covered drugs. Preventive care services start soon after sign up since they’re integral for overall wellbeing. Additionally, you also get coverage while traveling outside the state. Blue Preferred 1000/2000 comes at an affordable rate and offers comprehensive benefits to its members. Benefits under this plan are inclusive of preventive care, inpatient and outpatient services and vision care apart from several others.

The Lumenos range of consumer driven plans includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, a Health Incentive Account (HIA) plan and a Health Incentive Account Plus (HIA Plus) plan. All three help members to pay for eligible medical bills, though the latter two go a step further to provide rewards in form of cash. This cash rewards advantage makes it relatively easier for members to pay up. Tonik Health Plans are suited for the young and comprises three plan options namely, the calculated risk- taker, the part- time daredevil and the thrill- seeker. For the first one you’d need to pay a deductible of $1500, for the second $3000 and for the third $5000. As for people over 65, the Medicare range of plans is available. One may choose from advantage plans, supplement plans and the Medicare Part D plan as per requirement.

Employee groups have a number of plans from which they can choose. Employee Elect, Nevada Advantage PPO, Blue Preferred PPO, Blue Advantage HMO and the Lumenos range of plans are just some of them. The Employee Elect range of plans has PPO, HMO and even consumer driven health plans. The Nevada Advantage PPO plan is one that offers quality for cost. This means members get access to a huge network of providers along with the chance to enjoy comprehensive benefits. Blue Preferred PPO gives its members access to more than 5000 experts and also allows them to visit doctors outside the network. Under the Blue Advantage HMO plan, members can take care of their healthcare needs by consulting a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and get emergency care no matter where they are.


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