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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire

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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire

The spirit of the health insurance industry in New Hampshire is instilled in the only organization licensed to serve under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands- Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, New Hampshire. Operating for several decades now, Anthem New Hampshire has been able to win over the trust of millions with their objectives to work towards the service and upliftment of the communities they touch. The best health care coverage at the lowest price is the main motto that drives the organization. Reaching out to the maximum number of people is what the organization has done over the years and will continue to do.

Like other Anthem states, Anthem New Hampshire too has plans for various section of the society. If on one hand they have coverage meant exclusively for individuals (both young and old) and families, on the other, they also have plans to suit the needs of employee groups. Individuals and families may choose from Blue Direct PPO, the Lumenos range of health plans and a Temporary Health plan. Apart from this, Lumenos Consumer Driven Health Plans are also available. The Blue Direct PPO plan is made for the common man who may have gone without coverage for some time now. It is affordable and the benefits are comprehensive enough to give members what they want. If you’re thinking of opting for Blue Direct PPO you can either go for the $1000, $2000 or $5000 deductible scheme. Lumenos health plans comprise a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, a Health Incentive Account (HIA) plan and a Health Incentive Account Plus (HIA Plus) plan. All three make it easier for members to pay for eligible medical bills.

People who feel they’ll have to temporarily go off coverage should opt for the Temporary Health plan. This option is ideal for you if you’re unemployed, between jobs or have just graduated. Through this plan members can access an extensive provider network and can choose their physicians. Also, four choices are available as far as coverage period goes- one month, two months, three months and six months. As for young individuals, their best bet would be the available range of Tonik health plans. You can either opt for the Tonik 1500, 3000 or 5000 health plan keeping in consideration the kind of money you’re ready to shell out as deductible. Individuals above 65 can choose to avail the Medicare range of plans including Advantage plans, Supplement plans.

Group plans from Anthem New Hampshire include Employee Elect, Preferred Blue, Blue Choice Two Tier and Blue Choice Three Tier amongst a host of other plan options. The Employee Elect category of plans comprises seven options to help employees zero in on the one they think is perfect for them. This plan range is perfect for employee groups belonging to small organizations. The Blue Choice Two Tier plan is one that gives members maximum possible flexibility. They can either choose to consult a Primary Care Physician (PCP) or self- refer them to physicians they prefer. According to individual preference the two tiers have been fixed. The Blue Choice Three Tier plan is similar by way of functioning- in ths plan you can get medical attention either through the PCP, through physicians belonging to the given network or ones outside it.


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