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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio

The health industry in the state of Ohio is dominated by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Operating in the state for several decades now, the company is a proud bearer of the famous Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands. In fact, it is the only insurance company in the state allowed to serve residents as a Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand. An independent licensee with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Anthem Ohio, over the years, has based its activities by putting complete focus on members. Its aim has always been to offer the best products and services at competitive prices so that most people can buy health coverage.

Anthem Ohio has plan choices for individuals, families, groups and for people who are unable to bear the financial burden of a regular health insurance policy. Individuals and families may choose from Blue Access, Blue Access Value, Blue Access Economy, Blue Access Basis and Blue Short Term amongst others. There are also a range of Lumenos health plans- an HSA plan, an HIA plan and an HIA Plus plan- that people can opt for. There are three Blue Access plans you could choose from, all of them letting you access an extensive network of physicians and hospitals. And what’s more, you stay covered whether you’re within the state or outside it. Plan 1 is specifically meant for college- going individuals or self- employed ones, Plan 2 caters more to the married crowd and Plan 3 is apt for persons who are below 65 yet retired.

Blue Access Value is a health plan meant to cut down on medical and hospital costs. That explains why the plan demands lesser premiums compared to plans offering the similar kind of benefits. Also there are four deductible choices from which you can choose as per financial convenience. Blue Access Economy is typically for the budget conscious individual, premiums and co- payments being rather low. As a member, you also get to choose your preferred deductible from the featured four. Blue Access Basis works well for persons wanting to switch over from a different state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan to Anthem Ohio. Blue Short Term promises coverage for persons between jobs, ones sailing through early retirement or ones graduating. Coverage period can be anywhere between 30 and 180 days, depending on which one you choose.

Employee groups have access to plans like Blue Access PPO, Blue Preferred Primary HMO and Blue Traditional amongst several other options. Blue Access PPO ensures members peace of mind associated with freedom. Yes, with this plan members can choose to consult physicians within the network and even outside it. But in- network services reap benefits like less paperwork and more savings. Blue Preferred Primary HMO lets members choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who assists them medically throughout the coverage period. When patients need to see other physicians within the network they do not need referrals from their respective PCP’s. Blue Traditional is Anthem Ohio’s traditional indemnity plan that lets members have immense financial independence by allowing them to choose from a range of co- payments.


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